The Enterline Foundation
Promoting independence and quality of life for the intellectually and developmentally disabled

Application Procedures

Deadline and Funding Cycle

please note: We will be implementing a new submission format on June 1, 2019. Please wait to submit an application until after that date.

The deadline for the letter of intent is August 30th. Letters of intent received in the foundation office by 5:00 PM on August 30th will be considered. Letters received after the deadline, even if postmarked by the deadline, will not be considered for funding in that cycle. Should August 30th fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be the next business day. 

Successful candidates will be notified by November 1st. At that time, a foundation representative will disseminate the guidelines for submission of the full grant package and will make an appointment for a site visit to occur, if deemed necessary. 

Full grant packages will be due by January 15 and site visits, if necessary, will be made between February 1st and March 30th. Final decisions and funding disbursement for successful proposals will be sent by May 31. 

Guidelines for the Letter of Intent

The letter of intent should include:

  • The full legal name of the organization.

  • The name and Email address of a primary contact person.

  • A succinct description of the organization, including its history, mission statement, a list of programs and/or services, including number of persons served, and goals.

  • A brief description of the purpose for which the grant would be used.

  • The total amount of the project and the amount raised to date toward that goal.

  • A specific amount of money requested.

  • A brief explanation of the project plan and timeline for successful completion of the project.

  • A signature of the chief administrative officer of the organization.

The letter of intent should be no longer than two pages; letters submitted which are longer than two pages will not be considered.  The organization’s IRS Section 501©3 Tax Determination Letter should be submitted with the Letter of Intent.  No other attachments should be submitted.

Letter Submission

Please click the button below to fill out our online Letter of Intent form. Please note that you will receive an emailed electronic copy upon submission for your records.